MicroGISTrack monitoring of people and pets

Personal GPS tracker is an electronic device with a location function and data transmission to the “client”. The "client" can be a remote MicroGISTrack monitoring server, computer and/or mobile phone.

Personal GPS tracker is a compact device with universal purpose.

A personal tracker can be a mobile phone based on Android OS with pre-installed special software.


Personal GPS/GLONASS tracker assignment:

  • Personal GPS/GLONASS tracker - designed to determine the location of the monitored object, as well as to perform sound monitoring and / or 2-way voice communication.
  • With the help of a personal GPS / GLONASS tracker, it is possible to monitor people, cargo, vehicles.
  • If you need to control the movement of employees or loved ones, find out where they are currently located and what is happening to them, in this case you will need a personal GPS / GLONASS tracker.
  • The dimensions of personal GPS devices allow them to be placed anywhere - in a school bag, in a pocket, or on a belt
  • A personal tracker can also be used to track valuable cargo. If you have to send something expensive unaccompanied, monitor the movement of cargo, view the route and speed, a personal GPS tracker will simply be indispensable.

What are the benefits of using a personal GPS/GLONASS tracker?

  • Small size;
  • Absolute mobility;
  • Panic button.
  • Long running time.

Personal GPS/GLONASS tracker - can send to the user:

  • Movement parameters (speed, exhaustion, heading, location);
  • Activation/Deactivation of the SOS button (sms/call);
  • Battery status;
  • Object exceeding the maximum allowed speed of movement;
  • Enter/Exit geofence;
  • Disappearance/appearance of GPS signal (dead zones, jamming);
  • Enter/Exit sleep mode;
  • Device reboot;
  • Report at a specified interval;

What are the advantages of using a mobile phone as a personal tracker:

  • There is no need to maintain an additional SIM card, which avoids additional costs for using the system;
  • There is no need to carry a personal tracker with you and monitor its battery level;
  • Installing the software on an existing mobile phone avoids the cost of purchasing a tracker;

What does the user need to have?

  • Any personal computer or mobile device with Internet access.
  • Personal GPS/GLONASS tracker or mobile phone based on Android OS with pre-installed special software.

What are the advantages of a GPS/GLONASS monitoring system?

  • The customer can control moving objects in real time.
  • The system does not require the preparation of a special workplace for control.
  • The system does not require the installation of special software for monitoring.
  • Access to the database of objects is carried out from any computer or mobile device that has Internet access through a regular WEB browser.
  • No special knowledge or training is required to use the system.
  • The system keeps a history of movements over a long period of time.
  • The system works with a large number of open map services.

How does it work?

  • GPS/GLONASS tracker is placed in a school bag, pocket or belt;
  • Control over the movement of the object, as well as over the controlled parameters, is carried out using the Internet in real time;
  • In case of danger - the user will be able to send you and / or the dispatcher an alarm signal with one click on the "panic" button;
  • A huge number of reports available in the system will greatly simplify the analysis of visited objects and user routes;

Scheme of operation of the GPS/GLONASS monitoring system:

Scheme of operation


Additional features:

  • Building geofences with the ability to control entry/exit from/to the zone(s);
  • Construction of geocorridors with the ability to control movement along the planned route;
  • Building/planning routes and calculating their distances;
  • Building route sheets and tasks;
  • Building a large number of reports on the work/use of the tracker;

Types of reports:

  • The distance traveled for the period;
  • Route deviation report;
  • Time of stops along the route;
  • Time to enter/exit zones;
  • Time of entry/exit from geocorridors;
  • Work time report;
  • Alarm report.

The system allows:

  • Get the exact address of a loved one when they press the panic button;
  • Fast handling with a convenient tracker interface (this applies to people of all age categories);
  • Determine the location of a person at a certain time interval;
  • Hear what is going on in the object's environment.


  • If you are a parent and are still wondering if it is worth using a GPS / GLONASS monitoring system in order to know where your child is, just count the number of calls made to him per day. At the same time, keep in mind that a telephone conversation will not give you such accurate and reliable information that you can get thanks to trackers.
  • If you are worried about your elderly parents, then the GPS / GLONASS monitoring system is just what you need.
  • All of these options apply to pets as well.