MicroGIS LLC (EDPNOU - 40778515)

MicroGIS Limited Liability Company was founded in 2016. The company develops and integrates automated process control tools aimed at automating the processes of commercial enterprises and government agencies.

We help our clients design and build innovative products, platforms and digital solutions for today's world. Combining strategic design, complex engineering and expertise across industries.

We help our clients reach new levels of what is possible and accelerate their transition to the digital technologies of the future.


How did it all start?

We started from scratch, because we needed professionals who had work experience, but it is the “from scratch” aspect that stimulates the work the most. When the work is "boiling", no one looks at the clock and everyone works in "turbo mode".

We knew that creating an effective team is not just about hiring people, it is about uniting people with common goals, developing a clear algorithm of actions and a high level of trust, which is built on the basis of common values.

We all, although we belong to the same team, have different professional and life experiences. We are different. Each of us knows well what arguments will work in a separate and specific professional direction and case, everyone has their own opinion on a particular situation, but this did not prevent us from becoming a team that finds the right solution and achieves results.

We are not afraid to ask, consult, we hear each other, and this is the main component of the team that is now working and which we have created.