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GPS/GLONASS Mobile Object Monitoring System


MicroGIS Cloud
MicroGIS Track
MicroGIS Trackis a server geoinformation software designed to build your own system for monitoring, dispatching and protecting moving objects.
MicroGIS Tracker MicroGIS Tracker - mobile (Android) client


GPS/GLONASS system for monitoring moving objects MicroGIS Cloud / MicroGIS Track - is designed for continuous monitoring of movements and states of moving objects. And also to ensure effective control and management of a complex of moving objects due to logistics automation technologies, satellite tracking, GPS monitoring and much more.


GPS/GLONASS system for monitoring moving objects MicroGIS Cloud / MicroGISTrack - built using new generation integrated solutions and implemented at the highest technical level, convenient and reliable in operation.


The system allows you to control:

Cargo Monitoring Passenger Transport Monitoring Special equipment monitoring Agricultural monitoring
Taxi and car rental monitoring Monitoring and security of private vehicles Monitoring and security of personal motor vehicles Rail transport monitoring
Potentially unsafe cargo monitoring Water transport monitoring Air Transport Monitoring Valuable cargo monitoring
Monitoring children and the elderly Employee Monitoring Pet Monitor Monitoring the operation of systems and mechanisms


Our company provides GPS/GLONASS monitoring services for moving objects, namely:

  • GPS/GLONASS monitoring of personal vehicles;
  • GPS/GLONASS personal vehicle security;
  • GPS/GLONASS monitoring of cargo transportation;
  • GPS/GLONASS monitoring of passenger transport;
  • GPS/GLONASS monitoring of special equipment;
  • GPS/GLONASS monitoring of agricultural machinery;
  • GPS/GLONASS monitoring of valuable cargoes;
  • GPS/GLONASS monitoring of children, the elderly, company employees, couriers, cargo, pets;

Based on a wide range of branded equipment</ a> and the MicroGIS Cloud monitoring server.

The cost of the service is from 140 UAH. per month.

For those who want to deploy a monitoring system for their enterprise, we offer the MicroGIS Track monitoring server.


What does the user need to have?

  • No special software is required to access the system. It is enough to have a personal computer or a mobile device with Internet access. A satellite terminal (tracker) is required for monitoring. The tracker can be purchased from our online store or from any other supplier.
  • To control the movements of couriers, sales representatives or children, a mobile phone based on Android OS with pre-installed special software can act as a tracker.


What is the procedure for providing monitoring services?

To use the service you need:

Note: Services are subject to a positive balance.
Note: To familiarize yourself with the system, each new client receives a positive balance.
Note: The account status is controlled from the user's "personal account".
Note: The funds available on the user's account can be distributed among one or more monitoring objects, at the user's choice.
Note: Different sets of services can be provided to each monitored object.
Note: If there is a shortage of funds on the user's account, the service will be terminated automatically.


What types of trackers are currently supported by the system?

Currently, the monitoring system MicroGIS Cloud / MicroGIS Track provides the following services:

  • M2M GPRS protocol
  • Xexun TK10x GPRS protocol
  • Meiligao GPRS protocol
  • Meitrack GPRS protocol
  • ASC GPRS protocol
  • Atrack GPRS protocol
  • Teltonica GPRS protocol
  • Wialon IPS protocol
  • Smartbox GPRS protocol
  • TZ AVL GPRS protocol
  • GPRMC GPRS protocol
  • Cicada GPRS protocol
  • UDP GPRS prptocol
  • Ruptela GPRS protocol
  • BCE GPRS protocol
  • Cargo (old) GPRS protocol
  • Cargo (new) GPRS protocol
  • G1300 GPRS protocol
  • Vitex GPRS protocol
Note: Trackers featured in MicroGIS Shop are supported by MicroGIS Cloud< /a> / MicroGIS Track in full.


What services are currently provided in the monitoring system?

Currently, the monitoring system MicroGIS Cloud / MicroGIS Track provides the following services:

  • Displaying the current location and movement parameters of a moving object;
  • Storing the history of movements of a moving object;
  • Logistic tasks (Construction of geocorridors, geofences and point objects (POI) on the map. Preparation of reporting documentation on these objects);
  • Additional access for trusted persons specifying the list of monitoring objects.


What are the advantages of the MicroGIS Cloud / MicroGIS Track system?

  • The customer can control moving objects in real time.
  • The system does not require the preparation of a special workplace for control.
  • The system does not require the installation of special software for monitoring.
  • Access to the database of objects is carried out from any computer or mobile device that has Internet access through a regular WEB browser.
  • No special knowledge or training is required to use the system.
  • The system keeps a history of movements over a long period of time.
  • The system works with a large number of open map services.
  • A huge number of reports available in the system will greatly simplify the analysis of the performance of both a single vehicle and the fleet as a whole;
  • Services are managed using the user's personal account.
  • A wide range of payment systems allows you to pay for services conveniently and on time.
  • The ability to suspend services eliminates monitoring costs when they are not needed.


Types of reports available in the monitoring system MicroGIS Cloud / MicroGIS Track

  • The distance traveled for the period;
  • The distance traveled during the work;
  • Travel time per period;
  • Downtime per period;
  • Report on movement in geofences;
  • Report on visiting geofences;
  • Report on movement in geocorridors;
  • Report on visits to geocorridors;
  • Fuel consumption reports;
  • Report on fuel consumption according to norms (factors available)
  • OBD diagnostic report;
  • Speeding report;
  • Report on exceeding the set speed;
  • Report on the last location of monitoring objects;
  • HR information report;
  • Report on excessive inactivity of monitoring objects;
  • Trip history report;
  • Reports on the work of drivers;
  • Photo reports;
  • As well as group and summary reports

Note: Types of available reporting documentation can be added at the request of the user.


  • The amount of investment in equipment, operating costs and payback period have reached levels acceptable even for individuals.
  • Modern, reliable equipment, functional software offered by our company and round-the-clock work of the dispatch and service center of our partners - this is the continuous control of your facility in the conditions of life of a modern metropolis.
  • Therefore, it's time to think about whether to remain in the dark and work according to the old scheme, or switch to new advanced technologies that allow you to be more confident in your own safety?!


Cartographic geographic information systems

Cartographic geoinformation software package includes:

MicroGIS Editor MicroGIS Editor is a geographic information system designed to create electronic-vector multilingual maps and cartographic terrain plans in an open cartographic format (*.PFM - Map Polish Format) with subsequent compilation into various (exchange, closed) cartographic formats for use in various navigation programs and applications.
MicroGIS Map MicroGIS Map– server geoinformation software designed to build thematic geoinformation resources (geoportals).


Advantages of the software package:

  • Not a high cost of a workplace;
  • To use the complex, you need only the Microsoft Windows operating system with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 installed;
  • Easy and flexible to use interface - allows you to perform individual settings for each user;
  • Rapid staff training;
  • High speed of operations execution;
  • Ability to work with large amounts of data;
  • Support for various coordinate systems when importing data, with coordinate conversion to WGS-84 "on the fly";
  • Ability to add any attribute information to a map object;
  • The complex provides the developer with all the main functions of modern geographic information systems;
  • The complex provides an exhaustive list of cartographic functions that may be needed in the work: thematic cartography, buffering, map editing, layer drawing, search, map display, layer management, geocoding, address geocoding;
  • Exchange of map data with "ESRI Shape" systems;
  • The complex has the ability to protect maps from editing and copying: a closed cartographic format, password protection of maps, protection of maps with a license (paid maps);


Scope of application of the software package:

  • Private use;
  • Land use;
  • Land management;
  • Real estate management;
  • Environmental monitoring;
  • Subsoil use and mining;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Transport logistics;
  • Dispatching and certification of infrastructure facilities;
  • Analysis and visualization of spatial data in order to study markets and make managerial decisions, etc.;
  • Departments of the Ministry of Defense;
  • Ministries of Emergency Situations;
  • State Automobile Inspectorate;
  • Emergency Medical Service;
  • Forestry;
  • Municipal GIS and architecture;
  • Navigation and monitoring;
  • Road facilities;
  • Railway;
  • Aviation;
  • Education;
  • Energy;
  • Metallurgy;
  • Security systems.