MicroGIS Viewer

MicroGISViewer - is intended for work with maps and cartographic plan to terrain, orientation on terrain when use GPS receiver, analysis track, route, POI created in navigational instrument, performing the different measurements and calculation, also as fixings by user of the different situation.


  • Viewing the political, thematic, topographic, administrative, tactical, navigational vector and raster maps;
  • Study the terrain of vector, raster maps, satellite images;
  • Study the nature of the terrain on vector and raster maps, as well as the base elevation;
  • Measure the area of objects on the map;
  • Measurements of the lengths of objects on the map;
  • Measuring distances on a map;
  • Measurement of azimuth on the map;
  • Mapping of user-defined objects (tactical situation);
  • Downhill skiing;
  • Work with a GPS receiver;
  • Perform various types of search sites on the map (to the address on the type of coordinates, the index, phone number);
  • Building a route on a map (as the crow flies, by road);
  • Analysis of data obtained with the navigation devices GARMIN (POI, tracks, routes);
  • Analysis of the data created in the navigation program OziExplorer;


Supported data formats

Vector maps:

     - *.mgm (MicroGis Map format) – closed cartographic format
     - *.mp (Map Polish Format) – open mapping format

Raster maps:

     - *.ecw (Enhanced Compression Wavelet) - open mapping format
     - *.jp2 (JPEG 2000) - open mapping format
     - *.map all formats supported by OziExplorer

Base heights:

     - *.hgt (SRTM) - Shuttle Radar Topography Mission

Tracks, waypoints, routes:

     - *.gdb (GDB2, GDB3) – Garmin database (tracks, waypoints, routes)
     - *.mps – Garmin MapSource format
     - *.plt - OziExplorer track format
     - *.wpt – OziExplorer waypoints format
     - *.rte – OziExplorer route format


  • Working with raster maps charting the open format of OziExplorer.
  • Working with raster maps charting the open format *. ECW.
  • Working with vector maps of open mapping format *. MP.
  • Working with vector maps of closed cartographic format *. MGM.
  • Support atlas (the atlas contains only vector maps).
  • Support projects. The project may include raster and vector maps, POI, tracks, routes, base height, custom furnishings and attached documents (TXT, MS Word, MS Exel, PDF, image files).
  • Ability to view a list of the associated information to the project.
  • Support for nautical charts.
  • Support bases Heights: SRTM.
  • The ability to temporarily disable the display of various thematic layers in the map. Including the very objects of vector maps.
  • Availability of tools to use the map: map zooming, moving maps, map rotation, choice of map objects.
  • Support for skins visual style cards.
  • Support for plug-ins.
  • Display card for printing (visible or set of coordinates).
  • Multi-language program.
  • Analysis of the loaded track.
  • Analysis of the paved route.
  • Perform various types of search on the map (at, by category, by telephone, an index to the coordinates).
  • 2.5D view the map.
  • Use the mini map.
  • Display on the map overhead (line, grid, mini-map, compass, range circles, the wind rose, cross, road points of the graph, the prohibitions of turns).
  • Changing the detail map (fixed value).
  • Different versions of map view (transparent polygons illumination classes of roads, illumination of objects by address, opacity maps, database visualization of heights, various types of night view maps).
  • Rotate the map.
  • Orienteering maps: north, along the route, along the track.
  • Measurements on the map (area, length, distance, azimuth).
  • Routing: a straight line, by road, taking into account the vehicle type and method of routing.
  • Working with GPS receivers of various types.
  • Ability to select the required GPS sensors from a large list.
  • The ability to record, save, delete your own track movement.
  • Ability to create custom objects in the program (points, lines, polygons).
  • Availability of information about the loaded maps and information about the program.