GPS/GLONASS search engine system


Monitoring server allows you to organize sophisticated analytical systems and simple monitoring systems.
One simple solution is - GPS/GLONASS search engine.
GPS/GLONASS search engine, is mainly intended to transfer:
information of the current location of the vehicle, as well as the controlled parameters automatically at specified intervals or on request.
Features GPS/GLONASS search engine:
  • The application of this system is possible in any modern cars without harming the regular electronic systems.
  • The system is fully autonomous and does not require intervention in the regular vehicle systems.
GPS/GLONASS search engine system provides:
  • Control the location and status of their vehicles from the comfort of your home or office;
  • Preventing the misuse of official vehicles;
GPS/GLONASS search engine responds instantly:
  • When you disconnect the car battery;
  • In case of breakage of connecting wires, antennas, sensors;
  • When loading a vehicle or tow truck towing;
  • In the collision;
  • When you press the panic button;
GPS/GLONASS search engine can transmit user:
  • Activate/Deactivate buttons SOS (sms / call);
  • Activation/Deactivation "ignition";
  • Discharge of the car battery;
  • Discharge battery backup;
  • Exceeding the maximum permissible vehicle speed;
  • Input/Output in the geofence;
  • Removal/Installation of car battery;
  • Dropouts/Appearance GPS signal (dead zone, jamming);
  • Input/Output to sleep;
  • Breakage (circumcision) GPS antenna;
  • Resetting the unit;
  • Report within the specified period;
  • Сигнал "несанкционированная буксировка";
  • Signal "kick";
  • And more ...
That there should be a user?
  • Any personal computer or mobile device with Internet access.
  • Tracker, mounted on the vehicle.


What are the advantages GPS/GLONASS search engine?
  • Customer can control the moving objects in real time.
  • The system requires no special training workplace.
  • The system does not require special software
  • ДAccess to the database objects is carried out from any computer or mobile device with Internet access via WEB browser.
  • To use the system requires no special knowledge or training.
  • The system keeps a history of movements over a long period of time.
  • The system works with many open map services.
How does it work?
  • Tracker secretly installed inside the vehicle and connected to the system.;
  • Control of movement of the object, as well as the controlled parameters is carried out via the Internet in real-time;
  • In case of any emergency situation - the driver can send an alarm by pressing the "alarming" button;
  • Plenty of available reports will greatly simplify analysis of effectiveness of one vehicle and vehicle fleet;
  • Trackers installed on cars can be additionally equipped with cameras, handsfree, immobilizer, placarding, fuel gauges on request ...
GPS/GLONASS search engine

Way of working GPS/GLONASS search engine system:
Way of working GPS/GLONASS search engine system
GPS/GLONASS search engine system provides:
  • Receive information in real time about what is happening with your vehicle at a great distance;
  • Collision monitoring;
  • Control of unauthorized towing;
  • Remote lock operation of the engine;
  • Remote status check vehicle systems (including battery);
  • Additional types of control: photo control, control visits geozones, access control;
  • Transfer of alarm button SOS (emergency button) in the monitoring system and duplication owner's mobile phone;
Additional features:
  • Building geozones with the ability to control the input/output to/from the zone(s);
  • Building/Route planning and miscalculation of their distances;
  • Construction of route sheets and assignments;
  • Creating reports on the use of transport;
  • Reports on the construction work of the driver(s);
The effect of the introduction of GPS/GLONASS search engine system:
  • The system is installed hidden and impossible to detect intruders.
  • Locking fuel (the engine) may exercise the owner.
  • When trying to evacuate the vehicle, in various ways, the system's sensors instantaneously transmit an alarm signal to the server and/or the user's mobile phone.
  • Amount of investment in equipment, operating costs and payback period reached a level acceptable even for private vehicle owners.
  • Modern, reliable equipment offered by our company - is the safety of your vehicle in the conditions of life of the modern metropolis.
  • Time to think: to remain ignorant and work under the old scheme or migrate to new advanced technologies that allow to be more confident in their own security?