MicroGISEditor update v1.0.14.598b


Version 11/08/2013
- Changed: When creating a POI - working tools "stick to neighbours"
- Added: creating bookmarks. Identified the following types:
а) "Comment"
b) "Information"
c) "Error"
d) "Checked"
e) "Object Offset"
f) "Tile Offset"
g) "Warning"
h) "Fishily"
i) "In Progress"
j) "Made By On-Line"
k) "Made By Track"
l) "Made By Raster"
m) "Docking Place"
n) "Red"
r) "White"

Bookmarks are not objects of the map and will not be exported to ESRI shapefiles, or in other files. In addition to the basic properties of each tab can contain a link to a photo with geo-referenced.
When you add a photo geo-referenced, it is possible to adjust the tab to the coordinates in the JPG. When you attach a photo, which has no geo-referencing will be asked about making geodetic coordinate bookmarks into the picture.
Bookmarks can be locked from changes in the normal way.

- Added: the tab "View map" - submenu "Map Objects" - menu "Bookmarks" - to control the show / hide all bookmarks on the map.
- Added: the tab "View" - the "Bookmark List" - to derive a list of all the bookmarks in the map to find, delete, etc.
- Added: loader JPG images as a bookmark. When loading JPG picture having the coordinates automatically by its coordinates will create a bookmark, an assignment link to this photo.
- Reworked: if there are multi-language map, and a change in a property of the object Label, Label 1, Label 2 , street, house number - all multi-language strings for a given object and a given field - will be given the status of "Not translated" as well as replacement Multilingual lines on the original string.
- Added: object properties (if the map multilanguage) - the category and the string "multilingual" for change multilingual rows of the selected object.
When this function is:
a) If the object has not been previously multilanguage - it will be added;
b) If you have translated the streets - an object to add the translated version of the street, where it belongs.
- Added: in typeset GARMIN - Recognition of the object to have multilingual capabilities. Therefore changed:
a) Adding a language - those objects that can not be multilingual, will not be added multilingual support;
b) When you run "update languages" - except for the normal function adds a new - will search objects that do not have multi-language and if there is one - it will be removed.
c) For facilities that do not support multilingual - will not show up in their properties string MultiLanguage
d) When you export to..
d) When you export to MPC shapefiles - multilingual be exported only to those facilities that support it.
Note: typeset "TOPO" - still all objects can contain multilingual.
-Fixed bugs.

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