MicroGISEditor update v1.0.13.593b


Version 13.07.2013
- Changed: when exporting to the MPC shapefiles addressable points in the "HOUSE_NUM", will also be automatically added to the street;
- Added: multilingual maps and tools for working with Multi-language, translation of languages. See the FAQ on the forum MicroGis
- Added: In the properties window map - installed base (active) language, and are available in additional languages ??map;
- Added: to Export wizard in shape files, when exporting to the MPC shapefiles check-box for selection to export all the available languages ??in the map.
- Added: when exporting to the MPC shapefiles, the choice of exporting all languages - all languages will be exported to create a multi-lingual maps (see MPS manual).
- Fixed bugs.

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