MicroGISEditor update v1.0.12.589b


Version 25.05.2013
- Add: export to ESRI shape file in full measure:

a) Add export as "Not split" - export of objects will make by layers (POI, POLYGONS, POLYLINES).
b) Add export as "Split By MP Type" - export of objects will make in separate files, each for MP type.
c) Add next features:
- export to shape files will make with selected code page;
- possibility for make PRJ file for each shape file
- possibility for add attribute "map name" to DBF file;
- Split multi-elements polygons and create multi objects for areas;
- Export full routing information;

- Fixed: export to MPC shapefile - POI 0x1 "Address Point" will not export to MPC Shape File as POI.
- Reworked: CitiGuide BKM file will load as "Import";

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