MicroGISEditor update v1.0.11.574b


Version 7.04.2013
- Deep redesigned module ON-Line services:
- Added: when the tiles is downloading - will work progress bar showing the percentage of loading;
- Added: when the tiles is downloading at the status bar will output label "Loading tiles"
- Added: When the Internet connection is broken or slow loading tiles - the program will not "fade".
- Added: enabled timeout for operations connected to the server and read the file from the Internet "Options-> Settings On-Line -> Time out." Default is 5000 milliseconds.
- Changed: Loading tiles for On-Line services - each tile will download in separate process (to speed);
- Changed: request program through a proxy server installed as a "Microsoft Internet Explorer", for proxy who control access to, and do not allow requests from external programs.
- Changed: output of tiles on the screen will be made only when will finish download for all the tiles for the screen (to speed up, because redrawing Vector data takes more time);
- Fixed: Context menu command "Update tiles."
- Redesigned download module ECW / JPEG200 files:
- Fixed: when ECW/JPEG2000 file in UTM - picture correctly output to the screen.
- Changed: load of skins make a dynamical, for free up memory for the application;

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