MicroGISEditor update v1.0.11.573b


Version 30.03.2013
WARNING! Amend FOLDER cache for Tiles! At the Options of program set the total (parent folder), and in DAT files subfolder for a particular service (relative path)! If you made DAT files, please, change it.
- Added: Two new service "General Staff" and "cadastral boundaries of Russia"
- Added: in file DAT - parameter describing the maximum level for the service, after which the tiles will extended (without loss and output label "Not found" - see the documentation
- Added: functions and procedures Pascal script to create WMS services;
- Added: For developer On-Line service window for debugging scripts. Available - "Tools" - Pascal Script
- Added: documentation on pascal scripts in folder "WebMaps", in the format of "DOC (Microsoft Word). Later will be added to help.
- Added: In folder "WebMaps" example for debugging Pascal script (file extension *. ROPS)
- Fixed found bugs;

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