MicroGISEditor update v1.0.11.571b


Version 03.26.2013

- Added: PascalScript, which will allow later to write custom scripts to modify the map objects;
- Changed: Due to the addition of PascalScript changed On-Line Services. For each On-Line service created DAT file that describes the service (folder for DAT files - WebMaps). DAT files may be deleted. If DAT file will remove - service will removed from the program. You can add their services, or modify it.
- Changed: removed service "Google relief" and added services "Kosmosnimki" and "cadastral map of Ukraine"
- Added: two empty service to use them cached tiles. The first cache - Mercator projection on the sphere, the second Mercator projection on the ellipsoid (For JPG files only). You can delete or add new caches.

WARNING! YOU HAVE TO REMOVE "MicroGisEditor.Ini" AND "MicroGisMenus.ini"!

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