MicroGISEditor update v1.0.11.540b


Version 08.01.2013
- Added: In mode "Highligting Postal Addresses" - enable select highligt for Zip Code
- Added: two critical check of map before export to MPC Shape Files
- Fixed: load Ozi Explorer tracks
- Fixed: select points of object
- Fixed: Repaint node, after set it as "External"
- Fixed: Changed actions for buttons "Collapse" and "Uncollapse" in Tool Palette
- Fixed: Delete not valid traffic lane conections after decrement number of lanes
- Fixed: Export to MPC Shape Files "Special Speed Situations"
- Fixed: Export to MPC Shape Files Days of Week
- Fixed: Text out for labels "LA", "RS", LA"
- Fixed: Set City for object from popup window;
- Fixed: Select objects from feature "Select by type"
- Fixed: Show of Panel of Found Objects;
- Fixed: Show of Panel of Map Errors;

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