MicroGIS Editor update v1.0.11.537b


Warning! MicroGisEdtor have a critical update! If you want use the MicroGisEditor you MUST immediately update now!!!

Version 25.12.2012
- Added: export to MPC ShapeFiles for POI 0x6200 and 0x6300, for polylines from 0x0020 to 0x0025 will make accrording MPC manual "The label for all spot elevations and
soundings should contain the height or depth of the point in US feet. "
Remark: if unable convert "Label" to digitals - will not write fields at dbf file;
- Added: at "Options"- default Route Parameters for Roads for feature "Fix Routing Attributes For Road" ;
- Changed: routing NOD's, which include Lane Assist, Road Signs, Junction View marked as
a) Lane Assist (LA);
b) Road Signs (RS);
c) Junction View (JV);
- Changed: selected road will marked Dir Indicator;
- Fixed: read from file restrictions ( Lane. Road Signs , Junction View)
- Fixed: write to XML center of 3D model for City Guide;
- Fixed: check for all time restrictions;
- Fixed: command "Paste" (from clipboard) when road sign have time restriction(for typeset Topo)
- Fixed: warning message when map have more 24 bits for typeset Garmin (now set maximum 28 bits);

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