MicroGIS Editor update v1.0.11.534b


Version 03.12.2012
- Adde: at main folder may be defined file "MpcTypeNames.dat" - whith contained defined GRMN_TYPE for Garmin non MPC types only;
1. Load the file - when activating Garmin typeset;
2. Redifining standart MPC types - unavailable.
3. Unable redifining custom types (if will defined unknown type (for standart Garmin type with MicroGisEditor) - it will be ignored)
4. When loaded TYP file with equally types -more priority for TYP file (string# = 0x64, #####);
5. The file can be away;.
Format specification:
First string - File ID - MUST BE [MPC NAMES]
Next may be comments, whith must begin from ";" symbol;
Next defined sections [POINT] [POLYGON] [POLYLINES]
String in section - HEX number of type - space (s) then - string - GRMN_TYPE
0x5102 BLA-BLA-BLA
- Changed - when loaded TYP file and at the file defined localization string - the string will be used for description type;

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