MicroGIS Editor update v1.0.11.529b


Version 18.11.2012
- Added: attributes "Junction View" (see MPC manual)
At MP file save as:
[Junction View]
JunctionRoads= #,#,#
JunctionParam= s,(a,b,c),(a,b,c).......(a,b,c)
[END-Junction View]
where s - Path to SVG file
а - type
b - ID
с - "Required"
- Added: export to MPC ShapeFiles - "Junction View"
- Changed: View 3D - model:
- Rotate model - Left mouse button - DOWN and move mouse;
- Zoom In/Zoom Out - Mouse Wheel;
- Switch On/Switch Off texture - down SHIFT and click LEFT mose button;
- Changed: remove attribute "Model Name"
- Changed: export buildings witch had 3D model to MPC ShapeFile - in files "building";

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