MicroGIS Editor update v1.0.11.525b


Version 04.11.2012
- Added: to grid, button "Hide not used rows" - when press - will hide all not used rows (rows is not allowed (or with empty value) for all selected on map objects)
- Added to grid: all marine POI's attributes (exclude Facility Point);
- Added new feature: "Highlight buoy color";
- Added new feature: "Highlight buoy light";
- Added: program remember last selected types at "Select By Type" window;
- Added: program remember rows width at list of select type (Object properties panel);
- Added: after change unknown polyline to "Road" type - will auto create nodes and connect to nodes on roads, which crossed new road. (Swith on/off features - at "Properties" window.)
- Changed: at Grid - window of select new type of object may be closed on double click on column;
- Changed: at object properties panel, at column "Floors" - added buttons of increase/decrease of value;
- Changed: paste special symbols (~[0x....]) - available for any types;
- Changed: "snap to grid" properties - default is switch off ;
- Changed: draw selected POI - as draw contour of selected polygon (available for change - at "Properties" window";
- Fixed bug: delete/add time of turn restriction;
- Fixed bug: at feature "Rotate object" - in some case have been error "atan2 domain error";

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