MicroGIS Editor update v1.0.10.517b


Version 10.10.2012
- Added to MPC Shapefiles - new attributes:
  a) POI - category "Marine Lights" and "Marine Buoys" attributes "navaid attributes";
            - categories "Points with Height", "Points with Depth", "Isolated Dangers" - attribute HGT_DP;
  b) Polygons  - types of 0x10105, 0x10302, 0x10303, 0x10304, 0x10305, 0x10306  - attribute HGT_DP;
  c) Полилинии - category "MarineLines" and types 0x10301, 0x10302, 0x10303, 0x10304, 0x10305, 0x10306 - attribute HGT_DP;
                      - types 0x10501, 0x10503, 0x10507, 0x10601, 0x10602, 0x10606 - attributes   FEAT_COLOR, FEAT_STYLE, POLY_SIDE;
- Changed: extruded heights for buildings (1 floor = 10 meters);

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