GPS/GLONASS monitoring people and pets with a personal tracker and/or cell phone


Personal GPS/GLONASS tracker - an electronic device with positioning and data transfer to a "customer". As a "customer" may be a remote monitoring server MicroGISTrack, computer and/or cell phone.

Personal GPS/GLONASS tracker - is a compact multi-purpose device.

В качестве персонального трекера может выступать мобильный телефон на базе OS Android с предварительно установленным специальным программным обеспечением.

Appointment of personal GPS/GLONASS tracker:
  • Personal GPS/GLONASS Tracker – designed to determine the location of the monitoring object, as well as for the implementation of sound monitoring and/or two-way voice communication.
  • With the help of a personal GPS/GLONASS tracker - possible to carry out the monitoring of people, goods, vehicles.
  • If you need to control the movement of employees and friends, find out where they currently are and what happens to them, in which case you will need a personal tracker.
  • Dimensions GPS/GLONASS personal devices allow you to position them anywhere - in a school bag, in a pocket or belt.
  • Personal GPS/GLONASS tracker can also be used for tracking valuable goods. If you have to send anything expensive unaccompanied, observe the movement of cargo, view the route and speed - personal GPS/GLONASS tracker will not replace.
What are the advantages of using a personal GPS/GLONASS tracker?
  • Small size;
  • Absolute mobility;
  • Panic button;
  • Long operating time.
Personal GPS/GLONASS tracker - can transmit user:
  • Motion parameters (speed, altitude, heading, location);
  • Activate/Deactivate Panic button (sms/call);
  • Condition of the battery;
  • Exceeding the maximum allowable speed object motion;
  • Input/Output in the geofence;
  • Disappearance/Appearance GPS signal (dead zone, jamming);
  • Input/Output into sleep mode;
  • Restarting the device;
  • Report within the specified period.
What are the advantages of using a cell phone as a personal tracker?
  • No need to have an additional sim-card, thus avoiding additional costs for use by the system;
  • No need to carry a personal tracker and monitor the level of charge its battery;
  • Installing the software on existing cell phone allows to avoid the cost of purchasing the tracker.
What should have a user?
  • Any personal computer or mobile device with Internet access;
  • Personal GPS/GLONASS tracker or cell phone based OS Android with pre-installed special software.
What are the advantages GPS/GLONASS monitoring system?
  • Customer can monitor the movement of goods in real time.
  • The system does not require the creation of a workplace.
  • The system does not require special software.
  • Access to the database is performed from any computer or mobile device with Internet access using normal WEB browser.
  • To use the system requires no special knowledge or training.
  • The system keeps a history of movements over a long period of time.
  • The system works with a lot of open mapping services.
How does this work?
  • GPS/GLONASS tracker placed in a school bag, pocket or on a belt;
  • Control of movement of the goods by using the Internet in real time.
  • In case of danger - the user can send to you and/or dispatcher alarm signal at the touch of "panic" button;
  • Many available in reporting - will greatly simplify the analysis of visited objects and routes of users.
Scheme of GPS/GLONASS monitoring system:
Scheme of GPS/GLONASS monitoring system
Additional features:
  • Create geozones with the ability to control the input/output to/from the zone(s);
  • Create routes and calculate distances by road;
  • Construction of route sheets and assignments;
  • Making a lot of reports on work/use the tracker;
  • Interaction with the operator in emergency situations *;
  • Provision of additional services *.
Types of reports:
  • Traversed path during the period;
  • Report deviation from the route;
  • Time stops on the route;
  • Time Entry/Out of zones;
  • Report on working time;
  • Report on alarming messages.
The system allows you to:
  • Determine the exact address a close person, when he presses the alarm button;
  • Quickly contact with a friendly interface tracker (this applies to people of all ages);
  • Determine the location of a person in a certain time interval;
  • Hear what is happening in the environment to be monitored;
  • Use the services of the dispatch center *;
  • If you are a parent and still thinking about whether to use a GPS/GLONASS - monitoring in order to know where your child is, just count the number of calls made to him for the day. Note, however, that the telephone conversation will not give you a precise and accurate information that can be obtained through the tracker.
  • If you are worried about their elderly parents, the system GPS/GLONASS monitoring - it is just what you need.
  • All these features relate to pets.

* Needs to sign a separate contract for connection Dispatcher services.