MicroGISCloud - SAAS version of the GPS / GLONASS monitoring system

MicroGISCloud - a software, server-based platform for satellite surveillance and monitoring, developed in accordance with international standards.

MicroGISCloud - is an effective GPS satellite system of the new generation, which allows comprehensive control over moving objects using the Internet by the flow of information from sensors satellite terminals installed in vehicles in a single control center.
Composition of the system

The software part of:

  • OS: Linux 64bit
  • The application server: Apache Tomcat
  • The database server: MySQL
  • The software server: MicroGISTrack

The hardware is:

  • PC - Core i5 or higher.
The structure of the server software MicroGISCloud 

  • Communication Server - designed to receive data from mobile (satellite) terminals (trackers) and transmission configuration commands back. Supports TCP and UDP protocols;
  • Database server - designed for the collection and storage of information;
  • Telematics server - server determines the functionality of the system. The server is designed to handle user requests. Functionality of the server is determined automatically depending on the selected set of user services;
  • Web server - intended for use by the system through the Internet browser;
  • Geoinformation server - designed for access to cartographic information;
How the system works?

  • Monitoring of mobile objects: vehicles, special. equipment, people, animals;
  • Guard of moving objects;
  • Logistics;

Key features
  • Formation of many reports:
- Reports on events;
- Reports on work equipment and components;
- Reports on the work of drivers;
- Reports on the operation of the system;
- Information reports;
Note: The number used reports can be extended for additional terms.
  • The server has the opportunity to work with many open mapping services:
- Google maps;
- Google satellite;
- Google landscape;
- Open Street Map maps;
- Bing maps;
- Bing satellite;
- WikiMapia maps;
- Nokia satellite;
- Wisicom maps;
- TravelGPS maps;
Note: The number of used map services can be extended for additional terms.
  • Available various measurements on the map:
- Measurement distances;
- Measurement areas;
- Measurement of lengths;
- Getting directions of motion with the rules of the road, type of vehicle, time of day and day of the week;
  • Service functions:
- The ability to view real terrain using Google StreetView;
- Building a custom geozones;
- Building a custom geocorridors;
- Published commercial POI on the map;