MicroGISEditor - map editor

MicroGISEditor - designed to create a vector map and location plans in the open chart form (PFM - Polish Format) and then compile into different (exchange, closed) mapping formats.

MicroGISEditor is also suitable for preparation of maps, and then use a third-party mapping software:


The main functions
  • Create a map location plans from raster images (plates, satellite images).
  • Create Marine map is supported.
  • Create contour relief according to digital terrain models (SRTM format).
  • Create maps with auto routing, subject to the rules of the road.
  • Building a 3D relief model according to the SRTM data.
  • Lane assist is supported.
  • Traffic signs is supported.
  • Road signs is supported.
  • Unicode is supported.
  • 3D models is supported (OBJ format).
  • 3D levels of road junctions is supported.
  • Junction View is supported (JCV).
  • A complete set of Garmin types - supported
  • Verifying the route.
  • Formation in the vector maps the address database.
  • Correction of maps on the tracks created in the navigation instruments.
  • Maps correction of space photos GOOGLE, Yandex, WikiMapia, Bing (Virtual Earth), Nokia ...
  • Preparation of map location plans for further use in navigation devices GARMIN, ALAN, HOLUX.
  • Compilation of maps in the private cartographic format.
  • Support for GPS data transfer protocol NMEA-0183, GARMIN.
  • Clarify the position of objects in vector maps and plans with the help of GPS (NAVSTAR).
  • The ability to simultaneously work in two modes "orientation" and "edition card."
  • Tabular presentation of data is supported.
  • Work in an environment Microsoft Windows.


Secondary functions
  • The cartographic editor can be used as an auxiliary, intermediate editor, in preparing the maps, to further export the data to other map formats. Example:

     - format: ESRI Shapefile - data structure: Garmin MPC;
     - format: ESRI Shapefile - data structure: GeoServer;
     - format: ESRI Shapefile - data structure: MicroGIS exchange;


Supported data formats

Vector maps:

     - *.mp - PFM - Polish Format (open mapping format)
     - *.shp - ESRI shapefile (import)
     - *.ard - Alan map 600
     - *.crd - Alan map 500
     - *.lst  - Alan map 500 list
     - *.img - Garmin MapSource map
     - *.ard - Holux MapRoute map
     - *.crd - Holux MapShow map
     - *.lst - Holux MapShow map list

Raster maps:

     - *.ecw - Enhanced Compression Wavelet (open mapping format)
     - *.jp2 - JPEG 2000 (open mapping format)
     - *.map – all formats supported by OziExplorer

ON-LINE maps:

Base elevation:

     - *.hgt (SRTM) - Shuttle Radar Topography Mission

Tracks, waypoints, routes:

     - *.gdb (GDB2, GDB3) – Garmin database format (tracks, waypoints, routes)
     - *.mps – Garmin MapSource format
     - *.plt - OziExplorer track format
     - *.wpt – OziExplorer waypoints format
     - *.rte – OziExplorer route format
     - *.rt2 – OziExplorerCE route format
     - *.tlg – Alan map 500 legacy track format
     - *.trl – Alan map 500/600 tracks format
     - *.trl – Alan map 500 OS 3x СА track format
     - *.wpr – Alan map 500/600 waypoints format
     - *.wrt – Alan map legacy waypoints format
     - *.csv – GuardMagic track format
     - *.rte  – PCX5 routes format
     - *.trk – PCX5 track format
     - *.wpt – PCX5 waypoints format
     - *.rgn – Garmin MapSource POI map format
     - *.tdb – Garmin MapSource map index format
     - *.tkl – Holux MapShow 305 track format
     - *.trk – Holux MapShow track format
     - *.wpo – Holux MapShow waypoints format
     - *.wpt – Holux MapShow 305 waypoints format
     - *.trk – Magellan MapSend track format
     - *.wpt – Magellan MapSend waypoints format
     - *.gpx – Garmin eXchange format format


Limitations of unregistered version

These functions require the presence of a license:

  • Loading raster maps ECW and JPEG2000.
  • Loading images with GPS binding.
  • Loading altitude terrain data format SRTM.
  • Export in format SHP.Export in format DXF.
  • Work in the group table is limited to 5 objects.
  • Visualization WEB- card limited scale 240m.
  • Text search.Mode of the map in 3D.
  • 3D viewing mode attached models.
  • Submission address database in tree form.
  • Working with Multilanguage.
  • Lock objects of change.
  • Function selection of map objects according to an arbitrary polygon.
  • Function selection of map objects by type and intersection.
  • Clipping function map objects outside the selected site.
  • Clipping function of map objects within the selected site.
  • Function to create targeted points in buildings.
  • HOUSE creation function in buildings.
  • BUILDING creation function in buildings.
  • Function cutting all roads in the map at intersections.
  • Delete function "white" nodes.
  • Function cutting polygon by polygon.
  • Polygon feature cutting line.
  • Function to create points in the polygon of external nodes.
  • The copy function on the principle objects CorelDraw (only space).

Note: In future updates of the program , this list may change.

To purchase a license to use the program - click here.